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Pawsitively Seniors

Pawsitively Seniors is a cat program that was created through a pairing of Heaven Can Wait and Nevada Hand Housing for seniors with a fixed low income. Many of our cats have been adopted as kittens and are returned to us or abandoned in local shelters which contact us. We are one of the few rescue groups who take our animals back that is adopted through us, therefore we often have middle aged to senior cats returned to our foster care. 

Pawsitively Seniors interviews and places an older cat with a senior living in a Nevada Hand property who may have had a pet before but can no longer afford the care of one on their own. Currently this program is limited to cats only. 

The cat coordinator of Heaven Can Wait conducts the interview and finds the perfect match between a senior’s lifestyle and personality and an older cat. Once the cat is placed with the senior, the cat coordinator and a volunteer visit monthly to check on the health of the cat, trim the cat’s nails, and bring food and litter. This is all free of cost to the seniors in the program. If a cat is in need of any medical care, the cat is picked up and transported to a vet, also free of any charge to the senior. If, at any time, the senior can no longer care for the cat due to their own health issues, Heaven Can Wait picks up the kitty and continues to care for him/her. 

If you are interested in sharing your life and love with one of Heaven Can Wait's dogs or cats, please contact program administrators Mary Hunt or Elaine Takaki at 702-227-5555 or cats@hcws.org.

Pups on Parole

From an everyday standpoint, being sent to prison is not the ideal way to begin a wonderful new life, but for the dogs rescued by the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, it is the start of an extraordinary experience. The Pups on Parole program is the beginning of a second chance to find a family to call their own.

Residents from the Jean and the Southern Nevada Correctional Facilities for women provide rehabilitation and training to dogs that are rescued by HCWS volunteers. The program is designed to save “last day dogs” from the shelter, our Ground Zero program and owner turn-ins. Pups On Parole has changed the lives of many homeless dogs.

Some of the pups that enter the program have typically lost their trust in people. They have been traumatized and abused. At the prison they are given time to heal and re-gain their confidence in humans. The dogs are assigned to a team of inmates and they live alongside these women the entire time they are at the prison.

The residents socialize the pups and get them ready to live with a family of their own. Over the course of time at the facility, each pup learns to walk on a leash, is housebroken, and learns basic commands, all the while building a stronger faith in humans.

Fix-A-Bull & Aye Chihuahua

Fix-A-Bull & Aye Chihuahua! are programs aimed at helping the overpopulated and often misunderstood Pit Bull and Chihuahua breeds. Local shelters and rescue organizations are being overwhelmed with Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas in need of a home. The result is that they have very little chance of being adopted. Animals were and still are dying at rate of around 30,000 per year in our local shelters with even more just dying in the streets.

While proper animal education and training are essential for the long-term success of these wonderful breeds, the key to overcoming the large number of Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas euthanized every day is spay/neuter.

Heaven Can Wait provides priority scheduling and low-cost options to have your Pit or Chihuahua spayed/neutered. Please help us reduce the number of these wonderful animals that are killed every year needlessly.  Do your part, have your Pit or Chihuahua sterilized.  Simply call our scheduling department at 702-655-4800 or email us at clinic@hcws.org with your contact information.

Tales to Tails

Tales to Tails Therapy Dogs is a reading program that serves the community to aide in improving reading for those that find reading more challenging than most.  Use of therapy dogs stimulate the kids to enjoy reading thereby improving scores.  We have utilized fun projects and plays to make reading comprehension.

Tales to Tails is currently in five schools in the Las Vegas area working with special needs children.  We've already seen an improvement in: compassion for animals, self-esteem, confidence, and a desire to have fun once again.

Our commitment with this program hasn't stopped at just schools.  We are also beginning to focus on assisting the elderly, as well.

For more info about the Tales to Tails program, feel free to contact us at tails@hcws.org.

In an effort to foster kindness and empathy toward all living beings, Heaven Can Wait Society and Angels for Animals would like to help educators provide humane education lessons and after school clubs in their school community.  The Angels for Animals program provides units for grades 1-3 and 4-5.  In addition, there are plays, recommended reading lists, and PowerPoint presentations to aid in the learning of these important topics.  For middle and high school we have a manual to assist educators in forming an after school club that focuses on the humane treatment of companion animals.

Studies show that children who are introduced to humane education programs like ours become more empathetic and understanding toward animals and each other.

The Angels for Animals humane education materials downloaded from this site are free to educators and reproducible.  Please send any thoughts, critiques or suggestions to angels@hcws.org

Heaven Can Wait Humane Education Mission Statement: Heaven Can Wait’s Humane Education Program strives to nurture empathy in children by teaching appreciation and respect for animals in homes, communities and the environment by providing opportunities for meaningful and rewarding service learning projects.