Pawsitively Seniors

Pawsitively Seniors is a cat program that was created through a pairing of Heaven Can Wait and Nevada Hand Housing for seniors with a fixed low income. Many of our cats have been adopted as kittens and are returned to us or abandoned in local shelters which contact us. We are one of the few rescue groups who take our animals back that is adopted through us, therefore we often have middle aged to senior cats returned to our foster care. 
Pawsitively Seniors interviews and places an older cat with a senior living in a Nevada Hand property who may have had a pet before but can no longer afford the care of one on their own. Currently this program is limited to cats only. 
The cat coordinator of Heaven Can Wait conducts the interview and finds the perfect match between a senior’s lifestyle and personality and an older cat. Once the cat is placed with the senior, the cat coordinator and a volunteer visit monthly to check on the health of the cat, trim the cat’s nails, and bring food and litter. This is all free of cost to the seniors in the program. If a cat is in need of any medical care, the cat is picked up and transported to a vet, also free of any charge to the senior. If, at any time, the senior can no longer care for th
e cat due to their own health issues, Heaven Can Wait picks up the kitty and continues to care for him/her. 


Levels of sponsorship for a senior and their senior cat
ALL money donated will go directly to the supplies and needs 
of the senior cats in the Pawsitively Senior Program
$25 Provides litter for two cats for one month
$50 Provides food and litter for one cat for one month
$100   Provides one year of medical care and vaccinations
$150+ Provides above listed items and toys, treats, and brushes/combs



If you are interested in sharing your life and love with one of Heaven Can Wait's dogs or cats, please contact program administrators Mary Hunt or Elaine Takaki at 702-227-5555 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..